Life Size Dracovish

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A Life Size Dracovish is now available!

Japan TakaraTOMY has brought some trainers dreams come true with a life size Dracovish. He is the perfect size too like your very own child at 58cm tall. Unlike the real Dracovish, this one can breath outside of water, so no need to worry about that. Our little water dragon boy comes with a scarf and a training headband.

His size is approx 58cm tall, 40cm wide and 45cm long and weighs about 1.2kg. Just like other large Pokemon Plushes/ life size Plushes they are made to order only. Reservation is currently opening until January 5 2022. Once reservation is closed that’s it. Only so many will be made and then shipped out mid June 2022. Sadly TakraTOMY Japan do not ship outside their region.

Author: Jesska

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