Life Size Lucario Plush


The Pokemon Center has announced its next Life Size Pokemon Plush to be Lucario!

Hold onto your pants because I think this is the BEST life size plush so far, A Lucario life size plush has been announced by Pokemon Japan and US. Lucario is a fan favourite after its movie back in 2005, and has only gotten bigger, literally. This massive plush will measure at 120cm tall and weighs about 4kgs. The way he is made, is also not a standard plush, as he has thicker arms and legs, so he can be posed and left to stand on its own.

He has beautiful detailed sowing. They really did his justice. Lets check out the images below.

All life size Pokemon plushes are made to order by the Pokemon Company. This increases its value as once pre orders are closed that’s it forever. Pre orders open on December 16th 2021, with the items being made and then shipped in May 2022. Due to the size of him, we are unable to stock him on our partner store 🙁

Author: Jesska

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