Life Size Psyduck Plush

The Pokemon Company has released a new life size plush!

Psyyyy eyyyyyy! I honestly wouldn’t have thought the next Life Size plush Pokemon made would be Psyduck, maybe because he was such a hit in the Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie? Who knows. Either way we want it. If you have any purchase a life size plush from the Pokemon Center you know they are MASSIVE! and will always increase in value no matter what it is.

So lets have a look at this guy!

The lifesize plush is 80cm tall and weighs about 4kg. Now thats a big plush. If you love Psyduck don’t hold your tounge and just pre-order it now. A life size Entei plush was released back in 2004 for around $400ish dollars. I have always! wanted one and now IF I can find one they are minimum 4k. Crazy right. These life size plushes are made to order, this means they will be even rare to come by as there will be no left over stock.

Pre-Orders open on June 5, 2020 and will end on July 5 on the Pokemon Center Japan online store.

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