Life Size Spheal


A Life Size Spheal plush is now available!

The next Pokemon to be turned into a life size plush is Spheal. Last week the Pokemon Center Japan announced our seal friend will be available for order on their online store. I honestly have never looked up Spheals specs in the Pokedex but I certainly didn’t think he was this big, he is a massive 80 cm x 98cm x 100cm and weighs 7 kgs. The creators did put a little more thought into this one, as they even made him with a special fabric, so when you touch him he feels cool to the touch, just like in real life!

Check out the images below.

At the moment Spheal is only available in the Japanese Pokemon Center Online store. This is usually always the case, but in saying that, the life size Arcanine was later released in the US as well. Due to this fellas size, he will not be up for order 🙁

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