Lifesize Slowpoke Plush


The Pokémon Center Japan just announced a Life Size Slowpoke Plush!

A New Pokemon is coming to real life plush form! I never realised how big a SlowPoke actually is, he’s huge. This Slowpoke Plush is 65cm tall x 75cm wide and From the tip of the nose to the curve (top) of the tail is 150 cm. He’s not a skinny boy either weighing 7800 grams.

This plush is a made to order plush. This means their may only be so many, as it’s on a order basis’s. Pre Order opens on June 3rd with the release of the plush in November this year. I thought about stocking it but being a made-to-order plush and the weight it would be a couple of hundreds to get it to Aust. Sorry Guys 🙁

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