Limited Edition Arceus Statue


Pokemon Center Japan has released a Limited Arceus Statue!

After the release of Pokemon Arceus Legends we just cant get enough. The Pokemon Company in Japan have announced limited “made to order only’ Arceus Statue. This is Arceus in his element (as he should be!), using one of his moves “the crush of judgment”! He sits at 29cm tall which is a decent size, which includes the pedestal. I think with the production Illustrations from Kazuma Koda and the detail craftsmanship from Kotobukiya Co, has raised the bar on limited and collectable statues.

This statue is a made to order only statue, once pre order has closed or the limited number is reached that’s it. Pre Order is now open and runs from Feb 25th to March 25th. Pokemon Center Japan has it listed as shipping out November 2022, so that is a bit of a wait, but I can guarantee this will sky rocket once everyone gets to see what they really are like. We are taking pre orders (while open) Here!

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