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Didn’t watch the stream this morning? It’s okay here’s the video and the low down.

I guess what is the main thing everyone would want to know from tonight? Besides the awesome flashback through every game and Pokemon items out there, That’s right its not a rumour anymore Diamond and Pearl remakes! And it is JUST like the OG. I think Pokemon are finally catching on to what we want.

The second part of information we can take away from the Stream is a new Pokemon Game completely called Pokemon Legends Arceus.

This game is also based in the Sinnoh Region. What makes this game one of it’s own is it’s ‘Safari Park’ style catching. Once you select your own buddy Pokemon, you then explore to find Pokemon in their own habitat. Pokemon can be caught just by throwing a Pokeball, but don’t worry your Pokemon Buddy is there to help out if needed. The main focus of the game is to create the very first Sinnoh Pokedex.

I really love the traditional Japanese style that have also added to this new game. Reminds me of one of Japan’s classic games ‘Okami’. So all in all the stream was a big hit. We also had another demo of Pokemon Snap, really it just confirmed that it is very much the same as the OG Pokemon Snap but with some small features added. I know I’m buying a few Pokemon games this year 🙂

If you would like to watch the stream yourself click here.

Author: Jesska

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