Lively Band Festival Collection!


They are electrifying!

With the help of the authentic electric guitars made by Fernandez and the stylish parka of Milkfed bring us an amazing electrifying band collection! Why is it electrifying? All Pokemon associated with this collection are electric type. Does this mean they can power their own instruments?


■ Fernandes Co., Ltd.
Fernandes founded in 1969. Japan’s leading guitar maker that produces and sells original electric guitars such as the Fernandez and ZO-3 series. From beginners to pros, he has gained strong support from musicians around the world.


■ MILKFED. Based
on the concept of “elegance” and “casual”, a wardrobe with a girly seasoning on basic items familiar to everyday life. We propose a casual style for an ageless woman who puts fashion into a realistic styling and has an aura in it.

The biggest and best thing in this collection is the Pikachu themed Fernandez ZO-3. You know it’s good when it comes with a hefty price tag of 55,000 yen. There are many other different times in this collection from stage themed Pokemon to apparel or phone covers. Check them out below.

This collection is set to release in Pokemon Centers around Japan and online from October 12th.

Pre-orders will be announced shortly 🙂

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