Looking back on ‘Pocket Monsters’


A booklet in Japan, looking back on Pocket Monsters!

‘Which Pokemon Did You Play’ is the title of the amazing booklet that is now available across Japan. In this magazine is reflects on the last 23 years of Pokemon Games, the trainers, starter Pokemon and timelines. Man looking at this brings back some childhood memories.

The only downfall is that it is in Japanese. It would be the perfect piece of Pokemon history for a collector.

This magazine can be bought over the counter at any gaming retailers in Japan, there are two types, light edition and heavy weight edition. I’m guessing through translation it’s just paperback & hard cover. There is also a online version. Check it out below:


I have also converted one to English, however the translation is err not great. Sorry guys. Hopefully an English edition will be released. I would really love a copy for myself!

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