Love Ball Replica


A New Replica Pokeball Announced the Love Ball!

The eleventh lifelike replica Pokeball is now out in the US and its from the Gold and Silver eras, the Love Ball. Just like all the other Pokeball replicas made by the Wand Company, it is made with resin, enamel and LEDs. If you would like to look at the previous Pokeballs in the series click here. To be honest I never really used the Love Ball, but it does have a good ability as it actually makes it easier to catch Pokémon of the opposite gender, to the user’s Pokémon. Quite smart really! I’m keeping that noted.

Lets have a look 🙂

So far the Love Ball Replica has only been released on the Pokemon Center US site and already sold out. I’m sure Australian suppliers like EB and Mightyape will have them in the upcoming weeks, so if you’re a fan make sure you keep an eye out.

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