Lucky Park

Lucky Parjk

New Chansey themed Playgrounds ‘Lucky Parks’ will start to appear around Fukushima!

The Pokemon Company has newly appointed Chansey as the next Prefecture Pokemon ambassador, for Fukushima. Chansey is quick to move and already has presented their first act of businessm, was to work with the Fukushima Prefecture and open up Chansey themed play grounds. The parks will be build in Koriyama City, Namie Town, Yanaizu Town, and Showa Village in Fukushima Prefecture.

There are snaps below people have put on twitter as construction work has already begun on the Roadside Station Namie in Namie Town park planned to be opened just next month, December 2021. The rest of the parks are planned out to be finished by Spring 2022.

God they love their Pokemon. How many of us are jealous right now that we don’t have this!

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