Massive $2 No Reserve PSA Slab Auction


Stuning PSA 10 slabs, promos and rare Japanese cards!

Our friendly neighborhood importer ‘Japanese International Trade’ is at it again with high quality rare cards at bargain prices. JIT is owned by a fellow Aussie who currently living in Japan. Andrew is chasing his Pokemon dream and has just recently opened up his first card store in Japan named ‘Card Secret’. If you are looking for any rare hard to find cards, JIT is the place to go!

I have taken some snaps of just a few of the hundreds of cards currently up for auction.

With these slabs only being live for a few days some are still sitting at around $2-5 ea with some rare cards already sitting around the $250+ mark. We have 5 more days of bidding, as the auctions all finish this Friday.

I know I have already bidded on a few Jap Entei cards to add to my set 🙂

Check out the JIT store here: Japan International Trade

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