Matchless Fighters Set Officially Reveal An Extra 15 Cards


The Japanese TCG website has officially revealed S5a Matchless Fighters set, this set will release in Japan on March 19th. This was mentioned back in November last year, but now 15 cards have been revealed. Lets take a look at them.

Also, The Matchless Fighters  Klara and Avery set have been revealed this will come with two booster boxes of Matchless Fighters , two sets of 64 card sleeves , a deck ox and the card box itself. This set will retail for 11,550 yen and will release on March 19th alongside the Matchless Fighters Set.

Here are some pics!

Also starting on March 19th anyone who purchases 990 yen or more on Pokémon TCG products from participating retailers will receive a Galarian Slowpoke Promo.

Galarian Slowpoke – Psychic – HP70 Basic Pokémon 

Let’s Play Together: Heal 10 damage from each of your Pokémon.

Tail Whap: 30 damage. Weakness: Darkness (x2)

Resistance: Fighting (-30)

Retreat: 2

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