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Meccha Japan which in Japanese means ‘Super Japan’ is a company that specialises in exporting of Japanese products. Located in Osaka, Meccha Japan get the newest stock straight away. They stock a range of products like, Yu-gi-oh, a whole range of Japanese Figures (Nendoroid, AFX, Square Enix, etc), Japanese limited edition snacks and also Pokemon!
Side bar – Have you tried strawberry Kit Kats? OMG. Mine barely lasted the plan trip home.
The best part is they stock items from the Pokemon Center’s in Japan! Yay! From Pokemon Center stationary all the way to kitchen products and even apparel. The newest Pokemon range they have stocked is the Eeveelution Pixel Collection.
So check it out guys!
They have hundreds of items available and also ship world wide.
Meccha Japan have also give us a special “Pokemon Newspaper” readers, a 5% off on all orders over $50. Don’t forget to use ‘PNP05’ in your cart to get this. Happy Shopping!

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