Mewtwo Evolution Bandai Figures


Bandai are releasing new blind mini figures.

Due to the release of the new Pokemon movie in Japan, Bandai are adding a new collection to their blind boxes. In these boxes you will get one of the thirteen Pokemon mini soft vinyl figures and a piece of gum.

I really love the original 151 Pokemon so I really love this new collection. Plus they included the armoured mewtwo as well!

Mewtwo looks pretty buff there, maybe he has been working out in zero gravity? But damnnnn Mew is so cute. Such a beautiful soul in the movie.

All of the starters are here, as well as the mail dragonite who invites everyone to the island.

These blind boxes have been purchased separately or as a complete set in Pokemon Centers around Japan, or at online retailers. From experience if you do want a certain figure your better off buying the whole set so ensure you get one.

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