MORE Pokemon X Adidas Advantages!


There will now be two different types of Pokemon X Adidas Advantages available!

I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised (even though we are super happy about it) but Adidas has just announced a second style of sneakers in the Adidas Advantages range. The first pair announced just the other week was the ‘8 bit Pika‘ style advantage sneaker.

This style is more for the low key Pokemon fan. Just nice clean and clear silhouette’s of Pokemon from the original 151. The design follows on, in the interior of the sneaker as well.

Both Advantage sneakers will be sold together and are coming to the Adidas US online store in the next couple of months. I know its not a date, but at least being located in the US they will easier to find than Pokemon X Adidas Neo sneakers. They were released early this year but as a China exclusive.

As soon as I have any info on locations and dates, I will let you know 🙂 I need a pair of these for my collection!

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