Mystery Gift for Free Secret Base Statues

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A free Mystery Gift Code has been released for Secret base Statues!

The Pokemon Company has given us a helping hand in trying to collect them all with a free Mystery Gift for the latest Pokemon Games. This Mystery Gift includes three statues that you can place in your secret base in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. In the old games this would pretty much just be for show however, they have added a new feature in the remake games which connects to your secret base.

When you place a statue in your secret base, it allows players to have a higher encounter of these Pokemon in the Pokemon Hideaways. All you need to do is redeem your statues via the code and you are ready to roll!


If you just started, you can unlock the mystery gift feature early after the first gym battle. Just head to Jubilife City and enter the TV station on the north side of the map. Then go to the third floor and talk to the TV producer and pick “everyone happy wi-fi connection.” Boom! You’re good. Or you can defeat the third gym leader and just pick it up naturally.

This event finishes up in March 2022, so plenty of time to get ready 🙂

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