New Corviknight Pokemon Scale World

Corviknight is the next Pokemon to come to the Scale World Collection!

Our personal taxi is the next Pokemon to be introduced to it’s 1/20th size. Corviknight is the 5th Galar Set to be released in the Pokemon Scale World figure collection. According to the Bandi Japanese offical site, this figure will only be available via Premium Bandi. This means that it can only be pre-ordered via the Bandi site and once the stock is gone, it’s gone. Just like the Premium Bandi Legendary Doggos set. So if he is one you want to add to your set, just on now.

Lets have a look.

He is about wide (wing span) 235 mm by about 110 mm tall. So he’s quiet a large birdy. I wonder how big he is compared to the OG Pidgeot?

Pre-orders are open now online with an ETA of dispatch in January 2021.

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