New Hisuian form of Zorua and Zoroark


Details of the scrambled rare footage video have been revealed!

Earlier this week the Pokemon Company released a scrambled footage video from the Hisuian region from the new Arceus Legends game. It honestly too me a second to realise that it was a Pokémon video not a section from the scary “the ring” movie.

Below is the video they released.

Today they have unscrambled the video and released it on their Youtube channel.

We have two New Hisuian forms!

Zorua and Zoroark!

These new forms are not the standard dark type, for the new forms these Pokémon are now Normal/Ghost Type. Further information is to come e.g. attacks/IVs, but so far this new Arceus Legend game is going to be a show stopper. With so many Hisuian Pokémon forms already announced, I can’t wait to see what other Pokémon we can find.


Official images have been released

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