New Nano Blocks!


You wouldn’t be a real Pokemon fan if you didn’t at least have one of the Nano Blocks. Released back in Japan in 2015 they are one of the post popular products, which has been growing ever since. The more Pokemon they bring the more we want! And who doesn’t love building Lego’s right? Gotta build em all’.
The newest Pokemon to the Nano Blocks collection are:

Espeon, Umbreon and Mew!

nano blocks 1
One thing I did notice is they even put in clear blocks to support Mew. THANK YOU! There is nothing I hate more than a model just flopping over and tipping from a breath of air. These additions will be available from the Pokemon Center January 19th.

But wait there’s more!

They also told us the next three as well. Coming up to be released in March this year is the three legendary birds.

Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno

Are they trying to be nice so we can make some room? Or is this just a big tease!

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