New Pokémon Character in Super Smash!


It’sssssssssssssss Incineroar!

The Sun and Moon fire/dark cat Pokémon is making his way to the new Super Smash Ultimate. With his wrestling moves crossed with some flame, he will defiantly be a great contender.

His moves include:

  • Darkest Lariat
  • Cross Chop
  • Revenge
  • Max Malicious Moonasult

Incineroar is also the very last fighter that Nintendo included on the roster, making it number 74 in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. 
See below for all of the Pokemon fights that will be available!

The ONLY thing, that is a little disappointing is there is no Charizard? Well there is with the ‘Pokémon Trainer’ however is the previous super smash on the wiiu, Charizard was it’s own playable character.
What Pokémon would you like to battle with next?

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