New Pokemon Pop Vinyls, Alakazam, Lucario, Sylveon


The next three Pokemon Pop Vinyls have been announced!

I am sure by this time everyone has seen the Zing or EB Games ads on Facebook, but we have three new Pokemon in Pop Vinyl Form. This time we have Alakazam, Lucario and Sylveon. All three Pokemon have lots of fans, so I wouldn’t be surprised if all three also get released in the large 10″ Pop Vinyl Form later on in the year. If you want to check out the other Pokemon Pop Vinyls that have already been released Click Here!

Lets check them out 🙂

All three pops are yet to be given a released date and currently have ETA Feb 2022, as we are already one week in, I give it a week or so and they will be released.

You can pre order them now at our buds at GameTraders Modbury!




Author: Jesska

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