New Pokemon Pops Piplup, Lapras, Leafeon


The next release of Pokemon Pops has been confirmed!

Earlier this week we saw snips of the next Pokemon Pops. Well yesterday it was confirmed! The next pops for us to collect are Leafeon, Lapras and Piplup. All three pops will be released in the standard size, with the Lapras pop getting its own large 10″ inch size available from Eb/Zing. Pre orders are now out at Pop retailers with the release date set at ‘April 2022’.

I am pretty happy with the next Pokemon they chose, the Lapras is just so damn cute. Reminds me of when Ash found that baby Lapras near the Orange Islands.

Check them out below 🙂

You can now Pre Order them all here – Leafeon Pop, Lapras Pop, Piplip Pop 🙂

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