New Upside Down Shirts


EB Games & Zing are releasing new Pokemon T-Shirts!

Any Pokemon fan would have at least one Pokemon shirt from the EBgames/Zing franchise, I personally have about 5. The last one released was the Charmander evolution chain shirt.

This time we have all three original starter Pokemon!

This set of Pokemon shirts are actually called ‘Upside Down’ T-Shirts. It’s not hard to figure out why? 🙂

Both EB games and Zing are set to release the new shirts on December 1st, they can be pre-ordered in store or online right now if you wish to secure your favourite starter.

Sizes are from XS to XXL and cost $25.00 each. I would love a Charmander shirt but with most of the shirt being white….. can I be trusted?

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