New Wild Area Event


Time for a change in the Wild Area Dens!

It’s time for a change in Pokemon in the Dens. With this the following Pokemon will no longer appear in the boosted raids Garbodor, Charizard, Duraludon and Copperajah. That’s okay most of us have had more than enough time to catch these four. Lets meet the new boys!

The Pokemon that will now be boosted in the dens are……

Heat Rotom, Excadrill, Whimsicott, Tyranitar, Dragapult and Togekiss.

All Pokemon can be found in the Wild Area for both Sword and Shield with the Rotom having a different form for each game.

Don’t forget as usual! That you must be connected to the internet within the Wild Area. Happy Hunting! 🙂

Random Pokemon Fact

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