Newest Pokemon Build-A-Bear, Vaporeon

Vaporeon has joined the Build-a-Bear gang!

Build-a-Bear US has released it’s Late Summer Eeveelution plush, Vaporeon. This follow’s on from the Build-a-bear’s 2020 sneak peak. The Jolteon plush was released back in May this year, in the US and just last month for us here in Australia.

As you can see Vaporeon was the last in the Eeveelution Build-A-Bear or well at least for now. I wouldn’t mind if they did the whole set, Espeon is my favourite eevee.

Lets have a suss at Vaporeon and what comes with it.

As this is the US and now UK version, this Vaporeon comes in a special ‘online bundle’. It comes pre stuffed with its special Vaporeon sound and two options of clothing accessories. Why we don’t get these bundles? or even the voice boxes I don’t know? It is rather disapointing when the delivery from the US is as much as the plush. Ah the things we do.

As soon as it is announced for Australia I will update and let you know. They usually announce it on the Build-A-Bear Australia Facebook Page. So keep an eye out.

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