Newest Pokemon Sword & Shield Details


We have new Galarian forms, enemies and Pokemon!

If you would like to watch the trailer click here.

First up we have new Pokemon forms from the Galar Region. These are just like the previous regional variant, the ‘Alolan forms’. They are called, the ‘Galarian forms’.

First up we have Galarian Weezing.

He looks like a more fancier Weezing with a top hat. Right? Let me poison you good sir. That green stuff that looks like his mostace is actually poison gas, it is highly potant so stay far far away from him.

Next up we have the first non-Kanto Pokemon to have a Regional variant, Galarian Zigzagoon.

Now what is even better is, this Pokemon has a Galarian Region evolve form too! Meet Galarian Linoone

Want something even better? Linoone can now evolve! Adding a brand new Pokemon to the gang. Honestly I really like it reminds me of a Zoroark type Pokemon.

Meet Obstagoon

They say that the Galarian Linoone lives in such a harsh environment that he evolves into Obstagoon. I take it from that statement that if you have a standard Linoone in other games (future games) does not have a final evolution stage only the Galarian variant.

New Pokemon!

A new Pokemon was also announced and it has it’s very own special talent!

Meet Morpeko

They call this a ‘two sided’ Pokemon, I guess a bit of a Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde scenario. Morpeko is alllllllllways hungry but you’ll know when it’s hangry as it will transform from ‘Full Belly Mode’ to ‘Hangry Mode’.

I love the name play. Who hasn’t been hangry before?

Okay new bad guys! First up we have Team Yell.

Just like Team Rocket, they will get in your way and distract you from your goal of being the Pokemon Champion. Team Yell will also show up to support Marnie during her battles.

New Rivals.


Marine is a very competitive rival trainer. Her partner Pokemon is Morpeko and they also aim to become Pokemon Champions in the Galar Region.


Bede is also a very strong rival. He has already entered into the Gym challenge, to become a Pokemon Champion. With Rose (the chairman of the Pokemon Challenge) on side, sure makes things easier. He doesn’t want to just be a champion though as he seems to have secret motives.

That’s it so far guys 🙂

As soon as I know more, I’ll let you know.

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