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Here are all the deets from the Nintendo Direct Stream, about Pokemon Sword & Shield!

Two videos were released this morning for the upcoming Pokemon game, one from Nintendo and one by the Pokemon Company. These are different videos, on this article it is about the Nintendo Stream.

You can also watch the stream yourself at the bottom of this article.

4 New Things

In the Nintendo Direct Stream they announced 4 new things about Pokemon Sword & Shield.

In each Pokemon game we gradually have more control over our Pokemon trainer. I remember back when Pokemon Crystal was released, it was the first game where you could choose to be male or female and it was a game changer! Now we can customize our clothing, hair style and look right down to the make up,

While in the wild area’s you can set up your tent and camp in any spot. While you camp, you and your Pokemon can enjoy some down time. Play with your Pokemon and build an unbreakable bond, just like Ash and Pikachu. They say it can also strengthen your Pokemon for battle… not sure how?

If you see another camper on your adventure you can also stop in at their camp and play with their Pokemon. Up to three people can be at a camp at once.

Just like Ash, you can now camp and make food for you and your Pokemon. There is over 100 types of curry’s you can make, by adding different berries and foods you have collected on your journey.

Personally I’m not a fan and will probably not even make one curry, but hey the option is there.

FINALLY. This is what we were waiting for some new Pokemon!

Two new Pokemon have been released.

First up we have Pulteageist. This is a new Ghost type Pokemon

Normally it makes a home for itself by hiding with table wear in hotels and restaurants. Its body is made from tea and it even has it’s own aroma.

Next we have Cramorant. This is a Flying and Water type Pokemon.

This Pokemon is always hungry and will try and eat anything that will fit in its mouth. Because of this, he has a special ability called ‘Gulp Missile’. When Cramorant uses surf or drive in battle, after the attack he will rise with a fish in his mouth. If attacked in this state, it will retaliate by throwing the fish at his opponent causing damage.

So that’s all the deets for the Nintendo Direct Stream.

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