Nintendo Switch Lite Console Zacian & Zamazenta Edition


That’s right guys a new version of the Switch is coming!

Now it doesn’t look to flashy from the front however there is beautiful simple outline image of our new legendaries on the rear.

Sometimes simple is key!

So what do we know so far?

First up the Pokemon Sword & Shield games are NOT included. If you pre-order the Switch Lite you will need to also cough up some money for the game.

It is now up for Pre-order at gaming retailers, the set price is at $329.95 and it will be released on the 8th of November 2019.

Differences from Switch to Switch Lite?

The first pro I thought of is we only need to purchase one game. That’s right there’s no buying a game on switch and then forking out again to buy it on the 3DS, the Switch lite runs on the standard switch games.

Another pro which I think it is any, is that the joycons don’t come off. I personally didn’t like this idea from the start but understood the functionality

Pro ITS POKEMON! There are other standard colours, but Pokemon was the first to release a themed Lite.

Now con! It is like a switch HOWEVER more like a gameboy. You cannot connect it to the TV and is for single player only. You can still meet up and wifi play with other but only one person can play on that console at a time.

Will more Pokemon Themed Switches come out?

God I hope so!.

Random Pokemon Fact

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