Nintendo Switch Lite Pokemon Pouches


Pokemon Sword & Shield soft pouches are coming for the Switch Lite!

These new Switch pouches are very much the same as the Eevee & Pikachu ones released earlier this year. Click Here to have a look. They suit the Nintendo Switch Lite console, I would imagine looking at the size it would also fit the standard handheld from the Switch.

Two designs are based on the newest game on the way Sword & Shield. Personally I love the Legendary Wolf one, I’m a BIG fan of these awesome new legendaries.

Here we have a Grookey/Scorbunny/Sobble theme.

Here we have a Zacian/Zamazenta theme.

The third design is of the standard Pokeball, but hey who doesn’t like a classic?

These pouches are set to release in Japan on December 20. Perfect timing as the Sword and Shield game and Pokemon themed Lite console would have already been released.

Pre-order’s will be available on the store shortly.

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