Original Stitch Pokemon Shirts, One Year Anniversary


To celebrate one year of Pokemon Shirts, they are bringing us…. MORE!

Original Stitch is celebrating their official one year of the custom made Pokemon shirts. Haven’t heard of them before? Original Stitch have an online store where you can pick how you would like your shirt made including using their special themed Pokemon material.

There are all of the original 151 Pokemon patterns to choose from. These have been so successful whether online order or purchase from their limited time only pop up stores. Who wouldn’t love it? Pokemon meets business, it’s perfect!

To celebrate they have announced 100 new Pokemon patterns! Yay! That’s right, the second gen Pokemon will now have their own material patterns. Not only that, but you can now order children’s shirts as well as men’s and woman’s. So far only 20 out of the 100 Johto Pokemon patterns have been created.

Pre-sale started on Saturday the 29th but due to high demand it has already closed. It’s okay, it wont be long until Original Stitch has restocked and you will be able to order again through there website.

I can’t wait to see what the Entei pattern looks like!

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