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Pokémon Center Japan Unveils Heartwarming Paired Plushies: A Hug Like No Other!

Prepare for an overload of cuteness as Pokémon Center Japan introduces an endearing new line of plushies that redefine cuddly companionship. The “Buru Buru…Mugyu!” plushies feature iconic Pokémon paired with their pre-evolutions, creating heartwarming scenes of affectionate hugs.

The Magic of Mutual Embrace

The unique charm of these plushies lies in their interactive design. When separated, each plushie will naturally gravitate towards its counterpart, creating a heart-melting reunion. It’s a visual representation of the unbreakable bonds between these Pokémon and their pre-evolutions.

Meet the Adorable Pokémon Duos

  1. Pikachu/Pichu: The mascot of Pokémon franchise Pikachu shares an adorable embrace with its pre-evolution, Pichu.
  2. Jigglypuff/Igglybuff: The melodic Jigglypuff pairs up with the cute and round Igglybuff, creating a duet of sweetness.
  3. Marill/Azurill: Water-type Pokémon Marill shows affection to its pre-evolution Azurill in a heartwarming union.
  4. Sudowoodo/Bonsly: The rock-type Sudowoodo hugs its tiny counterpart Bonsly, creating a touching scene of pseudo-parental care.

Availability and Release Date

These delightful pairs of plushies will make their debut at Pokémon Center stores in Japan starting from December 16, 2023. You can order your own in directly from the Pokemon Center Japan here.

Author: Jesska

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