Party on with Serena

New Story Event: Serena’s Dessert Party!

Date and time:

29th June 2020 at 11:00pm to 20th July 2020 at 10:59pm.

Log in:

Login bonus for this event are gems X 100.

About the event:

full force battles- gather your Pokemon together to win against your opponents. All HP and Pokemon that have fainted will be carried over to your next battle until you have reset.

Event medals can be earned by meeting certain conditions in event missions.

Important bits:

You must of completed main story 1 to be involved in the event.

Any leftover vouchers in the event will be converted into coins. 10 coins per voucher and will go straight into your present box.

For missions you must of completed main story 2. If U have completed U can claim your rewards after you have fulfilled the conditions for the missions. All mission rewards must be claimed in 3 days of the mission ending.

Login bonus gets reset at 11pm and can only be claimed once a day.

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