Pikachu, Rayquaza, and Horsea Ceramic Decorations


Pokémon Center Japan Unveils Exquisite Ceramic Decorations Featuring Pikachu, Rayquaza, and Horsea

The Pokémon Company is set to elevate the world of Pokémon collectibles with a new and elegant offering for fans in Japan. Collaborating with the renowned Japanese ceramics brand Yakushigama and featuring enchanting illustrations by Atsuko Nishida, Pokémon Center Japan has announced a set of exquisite ceramic decorations. This collection showcases the artistic fusion of Pokémon characters, with a focus on Pikachu, Rayquaza, and Horsea.

The ceramic decorations are more than just pieces of art; they represent a harmonious collaboration between traditional craftsmanship and beloved Pokémon characters. The set includes a figure of the majestic Rayquaza embracing a Pikachu, capturing a moment of friendship and connection between two iconic Pokémon. Additionally, a ceramic bell features an adorable Pikachu tenderly hugging a Horsea, adding a touch of sweetness to the collection.

These artistic creations will be available for purchase in Japan starting from December 2nd, 2023. Fans and collectors alike can anticipate the opportunity to adorn their spaces with these unique and finely crafted pieces, each telling a story of Pokémon companionship and charm.

The collaboration with Yakushigama adds an extra layer of significance to the ceramic decorations. Yakushigama, a ceramic craft manufacturer founded in 1952, specializes in creating zodiac figurines, lucky cats, chick dolls, May dolls, auspicious items, and seasonal decorations. With a legacy spanning over 1000 years in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, Yakushigama brings the expertise of drugstore kilns—a term used to describe ceramics that make you feel at ease with traditional techniques passed down since the Meiji era.

As December 2nd approaches, Pokémon enthusiasts in Japan are sure to be eager to bring a touch of Pokémon magic and sophistication into their homes with these beautifully crafted ceramic decorations. If you would like to order one in yourself direct from Pokemon Center Japan, you can here.

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