Pokemon 151 English Set

Pokemon 151

Introducing the Pokemon 151 English Set: A Must-Have for Trainers!

Excitement is running high among Pokemon enthusiasts as the Pokemon Company recently confirmed the release of the highly anticipated Pokemon 151 English Set. With the Japanese version already making waves, it’s fantastic to see the United States keeping pace. Although the release date is set for September 22, 2023, fans are willing to exercise patience for this remarkable collection.

Marked as a holiday set, the Pokemon 151 English Set brings a fresh twist by forgoing the traditional booster boxes. Instead, it entices collectors with its array of stunning artwork featuring our beloved original 151 Pokemon. Naturally, such a treasure comes at a price, with special offerings such as the Celebrations Elite Trainer Box and exclusive collector boxes.

Last night, the official Pokemon Center online store caused a frenzy by listing the coveted Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box designed specifically for the Pokemon 151 English Set. Within a mere hour, it completely sold out, a phenomenon rarely seen as pre-orders for these items typically remain open until just days before release. This unprecedented response speaks volumes about the appeal and desirability of this set. For a sneak peek at the breath-taking artwork, check out the Japanese versions here.

This morning, I was able to verify that various renowned Pokemon retailers across the US have also listed their exclusive Pokemon 151 English Set collector boxes. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box
  • Standard Elite Trainer Box
  • Zapdos ex Box
  • Alakazam ex Box
  • Premium Collection Box

This TCG set is sure to captivate fans and collectors alike with its remarkable assortment of artwork and exclusive offerings. Us Australian collectors eagerly await the listing of the Pokemon 151 English Set by local retailers. While it hasn’t appeared on Australian online stores yet for Pre-Order, it is expected to be available for pre-orders in just a few weeks. As a passionate seasonal card collector, I am determined to master this amazing set and ensure it becomes a prized addition to my collection.

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