Pokemon Anime Announcements

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We have three Pokemon Anime announcements!

Watch the Official Pokemon announce or scroll down for the overview 🙂

Distant Blue Sky

A special episode of the Pokemon Anime has been announced called ‘Distant Blue Sky’. This episode is to celebrate 25 years of Ash on his Pokemon adventure. During the episode Ashl will meet a boyu name Haruto. So far that’s all we know!

It airs on Dec 23rd in Japan.

Pokémon: Aim to be a Pokémon Master

The final series to Ash’s Pokemon adventure. That’s right its finally coming to and end, I honestly knew this would always happen, Ash can’t be 10 for 25 years. This farewell series to Ash Ketchum will be nistolgic as in the 11 episodes Pokemon are bringing back Brock and Misty. I wonder if she ever gets her new bike?

The series starts in Japan on Jan 13th 2023

Pokemon: The New Series

After Ash’s farewell, a new Pokemon Adventure will begin in the Paldean Region. We have two new Pokemon trainers set out into the world of Pokemon, Riko and Roy. We don’t know too much of whats going to happen to these new trainers, but word on the street is a Shiny Rayquaza plays a big part.

This new Pokemon series starts in Japan from April.

Three big announcement! I really thought they would end Ash in a movie, but no future movie plans have been heard.

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