Pokémon Audio Collection

The Pokémon Center US has collaborated with GRADO Labs!

Over the weekend the Pokémon Center US online store released new Pokémon Themed GRADO Labs products. If you are a music lover then this is for you! In this collaboration the Grado Labs Prestige Series SR80x headphones with attached auxiliary cable, have been poke’fied.

The first type are made from Aluminium, with either a Pikachu or Pokeball on the ears.

The second type are made from wood (well the ear pieces)

These are amazing to look at, but the wood variant is nearly double the price, not sure if it would be worth it?

In addition to the Headphone they have also released a U-Turn Audio Turntable!

This Pika Turntable if most defiantly the first ever of its kind. Its not just for display/collectors either, as you can use to it to play real vinyl records. A dust cover is also included to keep it nice and clean.

I am not currently taking any orders for these, but if you are interest please visit my ‘Special Order Service‘ section.

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