Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl update


Release date, screen shots and artworks have been released!

Last night Pokémon Company released some details about the Pearl ad Diamond game remakes coming our way. I’ll cut to the chase for you guys release day is set at November 19th 2021. Yes its super soon which is exciting, tick on the Christmas list this year for sure. The Pokémon Company also released artworks and a new website especially for the games.

Here are the screen shots for the new games, I wouldn’t call it a remake, more of a remaster. I know lots of Pokémon fans are disappointed as they thought the Pearl/Diamond remake would be similar to the current Sword and Shield games.

What they have continued on from the Sword and Shield games in the double pack. I love this! You save space and money 🙂 You can now pre-order singular games or the double pack with both from your local gaming stores. No game stores have announced any Pre-Order bonus’ yet, but I will update you when they do.

So make sure you pop down to the store and pre-order as you never know what stock is like these days!

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