Pokemon Cafe Mix menu items

Dishes coming to life from Pokemon Cafe Mix at the Pokemon Cafe in Japan!

To celebrate the new Pokemon Cafe Mix game, the Pokemon cafe’s in Japan have made the real cafe game food. I’ve been to the Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo and they put alot of care and effort into their presentation of meals. These menu items are amazing, nearly the splitting image.

So lets have a look!

We have a Vulpix tail Caramel Sunday

Next we have a Himenka Salad Plate

Next up we have a Sneazle themed Teriyaki burger

And that’s not all there is also a special ‘Pokemon Cafe Mix’ Challenge, you will need to have your mobile or switch with you in order to play. If you have completed order’s 21 and 31, you can order a special food item.

To order these ‘special’ items you will need to show the staff your cook list on your Cafe mix game. You may order only one special food item per person.

For people who have completed order 21, you can order a Lopbunny Frappe. For people who have completed order 31. you can order a Hide and Seek Bolognese (with the puppy bum)

Whenever you dine at the Pokemon Cafe’s you reiceve a Pokemon Cafe Original clear coaster. These are given at random. I wonder what the special rare is!

This special celebration menu starts August 8.

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