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Introducing the Pokemon Card 151 Set: A Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane

The Pokemon Company has officially announced the release of the highly anticipated Pokemon Card 151 set, which features all 151 first generation Pokemon, including fan favorites like Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Pikachu. The set will also include EX cards for Alakazam and Mew. The set contains 165 cards plus SR cards. One booster box includes 20 boosters, each booster has 7 cards.

This news was revealed during the recent Champions League 2023 tournament in Japan, where some of the cards from the set were also showcased. The Pokemon Card 151 set will be released in Japan on June 16th.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting this set, especially after the exclusion of Kadabra from the TCG.

Haven’t heard the story? Read on:

Uri Geller, the magician and illusionist, made headlines two decades ago when he sued Nintendo in a California court for creating the Kadabra Pokémon card with his likeness. Geller, who is known for his spoon-bending trick, claimed that Nintendo had stolen his identity by using his name and signature image to create an evil, occult character. However, the lawsuit was dismissed in 2003, and Geller is now apologizing for his actions.

In a tweet, Geller expressed remorse for his lawsuit and released the ban on Kadabra. He now wants Nintendo to bring back the Pokémon card, which he believes will be one of the rarest cards. He also published a video sorting through his Kadabra memorabilia, which includes cards in Japanese and English and various figurines and toys.

Geller’s change of heart came after he received numerous emails from Pokémon fans asking him to drop the case and allow Nintendo to reprint Kadabra. He claims that Nintendo representatives have picked up his letter, but The Pokémon Company has not yet commented on the matter.

Despite the lawsuit and its dismissal, Geller’s involvement in the creation of Kadabra has made it a controversial Pokémon card. It remains to be seen if Nintendo will indeed reprint Kadabra cards, but at least they now have Geller’s blessing.

Back to the card set!

The cards in the Pokemon Card 151 set will be numbered according to the Pokedex order, meaning Bulbasaur will be card #001/165 and Mew EX will be #151/165. Sets are usually ordered by type and then Pokedex number. This will be a “Strengthening Expansion Pack” set, which means it will be a subset like other popular sets such as Battle Region, Dark Phantasma, and Pokemon GO.

With a release date of June 16th, fans of the Pokemon TCG are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Pokemon Card 151 set, which promises to bring back nostalgic memories of the first generation of Pokemon. The set’s inclusion of Kadabra after more than two decades will surely excite longtime fans and collectors alike.

In addition to the booster packs, Pokemon Center Japan has launched limited sets featuring one promotional card each of “Bulbasaur”, “Charmander”, and “Squirtle”, along with a card file, five packs of the Enhanced Expansion Pack “Pokemon Card 151”, and a catalogue poster.

As we are still waiting for further information you can sign up to the interest list on a booster box here.

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