Pokémon Celebration Parade figure 4! Litten, Torchic, and Chimchar!


The fourth figure in the Pokémon Center Celebration Parade has been announced!

Last night the Pokémon Company sent people subbed to their newsletter some info on the next Parade Figure. This figure has Litten, Torchic, and Chimchar. It isn’t listed on the Pokémon center US online site yet but looking at the other three figures, I would imagine its the same size of the Charmander Figure (No. 3), which is 15.6cm x 9.7cm x 9cm.

Lets have a look 🙂

Release date has been set as June 22nd US time. This would be in the early hours of June 23rd for us. If you wish to view the other 3 figures already in the Pokémon Center Celebration Parade click here.

Pre orders will open on our partner site Dragonites Kyomi soon 🙂

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