Pokemon Center Kyoto


The Pokemon Center Kyoto is relocating!

Currently placed on the 5th floor of Kyoto Takashimaya, the Kyoto Pokemon Center will be closed at end of business 17th of February 2019. Not to worry! We will be getting a newer more amazing Kyoto Pokemon Center in exchange.

Kyoto Pokemon Center – Japan Trip 2018

The new store will be up and running by March 16th 2019. The new location is Kyoto Economic Center SUINA Muromachi, 2nd Floor (No. 78, Shijyodoro Muromachi cho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City). This is located makes it easier to be located as it’s close to Kyoto Municipal Subway – Izumaru Line Shijo Station and Hankyu Kyoto Line – Karasuma Station.

Ho-oh and Pikachu will be relocated as well!

The store will be refreshed with a new Japanese style that combined the Japanese style taste of Kyoto and Pokemon’s nature.
There will also be special products and campaigns commemorating  the relocation.
Lugia has also joined Ho-oh to welcome you!
pic01 (1).jpg
Who wouldn’t love to have a photo with the guardian of the sea?

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