Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo Expansion


The Mega Pokemon Center is expanding to include new Pokemon shops!

If you have ever been to the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo, you know that it is one of the best Pokemon Centers to go too. Now there will be even more reason to go to the Mega Tokyo Center instead of the others.

On December 19, The world’s first “Pokémon GO” official space, “Pokémon GO Lab.”, The sweets take-out shop “Pikachu Sweets by Pokemon Cafe”, and the largest “Pokemon Card Station Mega Tokyo” at Pokemon Center will be born.

That’s three different Pokemon stores! Lets start with the first shall we?

Pikachu Sweets

Pikachu Sweets is apart of the Pokemon Cafe franchise. In saying this it is more of a ‘take-out’ style cafe.

Take a seat and enjoy some sweets and drinks in ‘Pokemon’ form or grab something on the go. Keep in mind just like the Pokemon Cafe if you wish for a table you must make a reservation first.

Next up we have,

The Pokemon Go Lab

The first offical Pokémon Go space is here. Inside the Pokémon Go Lab it has a gym style theme with many popular media arts. There is also a life size statue of Dr. Willow, along with Licensed Pokémon Go Items you can purchase.

Next we have,

The Pokemon Card Station

The Pokemon Card Station is the first of it’s kind. There will be a specially designed ‘V’ themed tcg battle table. Everyday the Pokemon Card Station will host special TCG events. It also has a Pokemon card concierge that will answer any Pokemon card releated questions you may have.

Last but not least there will also be a children’s Pokemon pay space, which will now include a Pokemon kids TV section.

The childrens play space is exclusive to our little future Pokemon trainers. There will be Pokemon themed puzzles, games and videos on Pichu shaped Tv’s. This play area is located on the 2nd floor of the shopping center..

Looks like December is going to be a BIG one for Japan this year.

Author: Jesska

An Artist, a Web Designer but most of all a Pokemon Collector! Owner of the Pokemon Newspaper. https://linktr.ee/Jesska

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