Pokemon Center Okinawa Arcanine and Pikachu Plush


New Plushies Celebrate Pokemon Center Okinawa’s First Anniversary

Pokemon fans in Japan have something exciting to look forward to as the Pokemon Company announces the release of a special plushie to commemorate the first anniversary of Pokemon Center Okinawa. The plush toy, inspired by the iconic statue of Arcanine and Pikachu at the entrance of the store, will be available for purchase at Pokemon Center stores across Japan starting from August 11th, 2023.

The charming plushie features Pikachu riding on the back of Arcanine, making it a delightful addition to any Pokemon fan’s collection. The design captures the joyful spirit of Pokemon and is sure to bring smiles to both young and old fans alike.

For those who have visited Pokemon Center Okinawa or have seen the statue in photos, this plush toy will be a perfect memento of their experience. The statue itself has become a symbol of the store, and now fans can take home a cuddly representation of this beloved image.

As of now, the plushie is exclusive to customers in Japan. However, given the popularity of Pokemon merchandise worldwide, there is always a chance that it may become available in other regions in the future. If you would like to order one in from Japan you can do so here on my order in site.

In addition to the plushie release, fans can also enjoy the program “Pikachu’s Okinawa Yuimaru Sanpo,” which airs on Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting every Wednesday at 6:55 pm. The show provides the latest updates about Pokemon Center Okinawa and showcases heart warming interactions between Pikachu and the people of Okinawa.

Whether you’re a devoted Pokemon collector or just a fan of these adorable creatures, the Arcanine and Pikachu plushie is an irresistible addition to your collection. So mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate the first anniversary of Pokemon Center Okinawa with this delightful stuffed toy!

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