Pokémon Center Stores Temporary Closures


Starting from Saturday Pokémon Center Stores will be closed

The Pokemon Company has announced temporary store closures for all Pokemon Centers due to Covid. Japan has announced another state of emergency due to the disease.

The follow stores are closing.

  • Pokémon Center Sapporo
  • Pokémon Center Tо̄hoku
  • Pokémon Center Tokyo DX/Pokémon Cafe
  • Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo/Pikachu Sweets
  • Pokémon Center Shibuya
  • Pokémon Center Sky Tree Town
  • Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay
  • Pokémon Center Yokohama
  • Pokémon Center Nagoya
  • Pokémon Center Kyoto
  • Pokémon Center Osaka DX/Pokémon Cafe
  • Pokémon Center Osaka
  • Pokémon Center Hiroshima
  • Pokémon Center Fukuoka
  • Pokémon Store New Chitose Airport Store
  • Pokémon Store Tokyo Station
  • Pokémon Store Outlet Kisarazu Store
  • Pokémon Store Narita Airport Store
  • Pokémon Store Gotemba
  • Pokémon Store Kansai Airport Store (closes on August 31)
  • Pokémon Store Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom Store

The current state of emergency in Japan is scheduled to end on September 12. Lets hope that it doesn’t get extended as this will put a major strain on getting Pokemon Center Japan merchandise. The online store has been overwhelmed before during the last close of stores and was crashing.

Damn Covid trying to take our Pokemon away!

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