Pokémon Chess Board


A Pokémon Chess Board has been announced in the US!

Last night a listing for a Pokémon Chess Board appeared on the Pokémon Center US online store. It appeared to be ‘out of stock’, after checking the store today it is now hidden from the site, so we can expect it to drop any day now as they have prepped for the listing. Lets hope we can get some of these before scalpers in the US jump on it.

This chess set it beautifully made, with its own build in drawer storage. I love chess and I can’t explain how important it is to have chess piece storage, this way none of our Pokémon’s will wonder off. It seems Magikarp is the Pokémon of choice for the pawns in either black or white. Snorlax are the rooks, Rapidash are the knights (perfect right!), Dragonites are bishops with Pikachu’s as King and Queen. I honestly wish they did Mew and Mewtwo as the King and Queen. I 3d printed my own Pokémon Chess set years ago with a mew and Mewtwo and I feel like I ties it all in, but I guess we do have some bug Pikachu fans out there.

Each pieces is made from resin an the board is designed to resemble a Pokemon battle field, with the Pokeball outline in the center. Lets have a look!


It is now available in the US and we are currently taking orders here!

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