Pokemon Company Purchase Millennium Print Group

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The Pokémon Company Is Acquiring Trading Card Manufacturer Millennium Print Group!

They have finally done it. Pokemon are big enough that they brought their own card manufacturer in the US. Nothing at the moment will change, so don’t think something big will come from this, as I believe its more a financial strategy. Millennium Print Group has been working with Pokemon since 2015, printing all their Trading Cards to distribute around the world (and to certainly us!). Some of us picky collectors know what the latest PTCG quality is like and well its not the kind we like. This also could be a strong move by the Pokemon Company to not only cut down its costs but, also improve the trading cards quality making them more valuable.

The official statement made by The Pokemon Company International’s president Kenji Okubo was:

“The talented team at Millennium Print Group has been an important partner to The Pokémon Company International for many years, helping us bring the Pokémon Trading Card Game to our fans with the quality they expect,”

The Millennium Print Group also provided other card manufacturing services to lots of other hobbies and this will still continue, even under the ownership of The Pokemon Company. All in all I think its a fantastic decision and lets see what good things come from it, maybe the cards will be cheaper? Ha :p

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