Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Switch Lite


Last night in the Pokémon Stream they announced a new themed console!

If you watched the Pokemon live stream last night you would see Pokemon announced a Dialga and Palkia themed Nintendo Switch Lite. Looks familiar right? Back in 2006 when Diamoind and Pearl were first released on the Nintendo DS, a Dialka and Palkia themed DS Lite was released. They have used the exact same theme but applied it to the Switch Lite. Have a suss!

I really like it, to me it keeps everything in sync to have the artworks the same, but then again who wouldnt say a new designed Pokemon Switch would have also been awesome.

The Switch Lite is now available for pre order from EB Games here! For $329.00 with a $50 deposit required. Release date is 5th of November! Woooo so close!

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