Pokemon Dolls Series 6


The Pokemon Dolls are back again with 5 new additions!

If you haven’t already seen Pokemon Dolls click here for the previous series..

This time we have our original starter evolution’s. YAAAAYY

They come in a PokeDoll and also a Plush Mascot as per usual.

The items will be released in Pokemon Center’s around Japan and online from on July 20.

Pre-orders are now available from Poke Plush Australia!

Don’t forget to use the code ‘Newspaper

Charizard PokeDoll || Venusaur PokeDoll || Blastoise PokeDoll || Lotad PokeDoll || Dewott PokeDoll

Charizard Mascot || Venusaur Mascot || Blastoise Mascot || Lotad Mascot || Dewott Mascot 

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