Pokemon Dymax Camera


The Dynmax Camera is here, check out what Pokemon are hiding in your pictures!

Pokemon have just released a new feature you can use via QR code.

Use the QR scanner on your phone to scan the code below:

Then you can either use your camera to take a picture or use an existing picture from your camera roll. Then a Dymax Pokemon will appear depending on the scenery of the photo. There are some rare Pokemon that will only appear when certain conditions are in the photo.

I’m not a fan of selfies but I did try this out on a photo I had on my camera roll.

The text reads: Dymax Scorbunny Appeared!

More than 50 types of Pokemon will appear, from the familiar Pokemon to the new Pokemon that will be in Pokemon S&S. New Pokemon will be added at any time!

To get to this feature you will need to rescan the QR code everytime you get out of it. So take a snap shot of the QR code above to make like easier and add Dymax Pokemon to all your snaps!

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